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September 4, 2022

30 Discord Bots for Game Developers and Business

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The article “Discord Bots for Game Developers, Business and Organizations” list are created for the good developers and business. Some of these Discord bots are for business who want to grow their discord server, and some of them are for business who can’t manage their discord server. Most of these “important bots” come from business efficiency understanding. You can grow your Discord server by using these bots built for a better Discord experience.

“According to Statista, Discord had 522 million visitors in July 2022.”

Steam Watch

Steam watch bot provides the possibility to get information about Steam on the Discord server. Receive Automatically the latest news and price changes for any app on the Steam store in your Discord server.

Link: https://steam.watch

Formeer - Survey and Feedback Bot

Build a better Discord server with member feedback. Find product/community fit with surveys. You can get answers about what happened, why, and how to improve your community experience.

Link: https://formeer.io

Ticket Tool

Ticket tool speeds up the process of getting help tickets and support for members. This bot allows members to reach the support team. It improves the service the support team provides to the members.

Link: https://tickettool.xyz

Invite Tracker

Invite Tracker is a Discord bot that offers features such as invite, message tracking and giveaways. You can track the stats and success of invites created by members.

Link: https://invite-tracker.com

Discord Translator

Supports over 100 languages and available in over 10 locales. Helping to communicate for thousands of Discord users through translation commands, automatic translation of users and channels.

Link: https://nvu.io/en/bots/discord-translator

Medal Bot

Earn points and medals by chatting, making content, earning upvotes, and upvoting other members content.Submit clips and highlights to Medal directly through Discord. Gamify your community with a social system.

Link: https://medal.tv/medalbot

Custom Command Bot

Custom Command lets you create custom commands and responses with over 305 functions/tags, autorole, create Ticket, custom welcome and embeds. Build your own commands in minutes.

Link: https://ccommandbot.com


Organize, help, and support with the first panel-based ticket bot.Seamlessly log every ticket without limitations. They help people power, organize, and support their servers efficiently and effectively.

Link: https://helper.gg

Now live Bot

Now Live is a live stream announcing bot. Your members can automatically be notified of your live broadcasts. They support Twitch, YouTube, Trovo.

Link: https://nowlivebot.com

Giveaway Bot

You can make giveaways automatically on the Discord server. It makes it easier and faster for server administrators to build giveaways.

Link: https://giveawaybot.party

Invite Logger

InviteLogger is a discord bot that tracks every invite from your discord server. InviteLogger also have dashboard to do the config easier.

Link: https://invitelogger.me

Lion Bot

Lion Bot building for education servers has these features: Activity tracking, clans, tamagotchi, economy, levels, ranking, leaderboards, productivity and moderation tools. Lion Bot provides new features for education servers to serve students well. Lion Bot provides new features to increase the efficiency of students on education servers.

Link: https://lionbot.org

Wick Bot

Wick Bot is a Discord Security and Moderation Bot made to help server owners guard themselves against raiders, spammers, rogue admins and webhooks.

Link: https://wickbot.com

Slash Bot

Slash bot lets you build your own commands. With these commands, you can add new features to your server.

Link: https://slashbot.de

The Cleaner

The Cleaner Bot is a security Discord bot designed to keep your server clean by removing spam and phishing. It makes the server safe for members.

Link: https://cleanerbot.xyz

Status Bot

Status Bot has features for Monitoring and allows you to view overall status, create incidents for info to your members, stay up to date with the latest news and discord status.

Link: https://statusbot.us

Needle Bot

Needle is a bot that helps you take advantage of Discord threads by grouping relevant content consistently and automatically. Needle bot build Discord threads automatically.

Link: https://needle.gg

Zira Bot

Simply, it lets you manage roles on the server. Zira lets users add and remove roles from themselves by simply reacting to a message.

Link: https://zira.bot

Apollo Discord Bot

Apollo is a Discord bot that lets you schedule and manage events with Discord. All-in-one Discord event management and attendance bot.

Link: https://apollo.fyi/

Stat Bot

Stat bot allows you to monitor member and channel activities. Statbot is a server stats bot.

Link: https://statbot.net

Beemo Bot

Beemo equips your server with an antibot algorithm that operates in the background to stop userbot raids against your server, mitigating bot raid threats automatically by mass-banning them on-sight with a fine-tuned detection that avoids real users.

Link: https://beemo.gg

Tatsu Bot

Tatsu gamifies your Discord server with these features it provides: leaderboards, store, social features, rank and wallet cards, building house, pets for your Discord, economy features. 1,400,000 Discord servers use Tatsu to gamify their servers.

Link: https://tatsu.gg

Xenon Bot

Backup, archive, copy, clone or synchronize your discord server and get access to hundreds of free templates. Use server backups to save the current state of your discord server including roles, channels, and server settings.

Link: https://xenon.bot

Wiki Bot

Wiki-Bot shows short descriptions and additional info about pages and is able to resolve redirects and follow interwiki links. Wiki-Bot is a bot for Discord with the purpose to link and search MediaWiki sites like Gamepedia and Fandom wikis.

Link: https://www.wikibot.de

Mod Mail

Mod mail basicly, Discord bot for easy communication between server staff and users.

Link: https://modmail.xyz

Server Stats Bot

ServerStats is a Discord bot that is providing information about your server and the members that are in it. It shows most of the information through the use of channel names (called counters), but there are also some information commands and a welcome channel.

Link: https://serverstatsbot.com

Dyno Bot

A fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server that features a web dashboard.

Link: https://dyno.gg

Sesh Bot

Sesh is the calendar and event bot for Discord. Reminders, RSVPs, roles, smart parsing, GCal sync, timezone magic and polls.

Link: https://sesh.fyi

Arcane Bot

Gamify your Discord Server with the leveling and multi-purpose Discord bot. Arcane aims to help you and your members with these features: Custom command, moderation, logging, Youtube notification, reaction roles, voice leveling and leveling.

Link: https://arcane.bot

Trivia Bot

Trivia bot allows you to ask knowledge questions on your Discord server. Users try to know the correct answer and avoid the wrong answer. This discord trivia bot has over 100,000 questions. You can submit your own questions and have them appear in the bot.

Link: https://triviabot.co.uk

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